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  1. I. Being a resource site, we have some major rules regarding registering, participating, and using our resources. All of our rules are highly important. To insure they are followed, we use the warning system here on Adoxography. All acts against the rules will earn you an increase of 10% on your warning level. Once your warning level hits 30% you will be banned for three days, 60% for two weeks, 90% for one month, and 100% forever. Warning levels are only visible to staff members and yourself. You will be notified via PM of an increase of your warning level with reason as to why. DISCLAIMER! The point of the warning system is to encourage our members not to disobey forum rules, therefore, warning levels will not be eligible to be decreased for any reason at any time.
  2. II. All of Proboards Terms of Service apply, PG-13 posting, images, and behaviors! Can't remember all the rules? Brush up here. Also, just so everyone knows the real TOS rules for PG-13 content, please read this thread! It has been addressed by Proboards Staff that all abusive content on a forum: posts and chat box messages, will get the forum deleted. Therefore, if you have something to address/complain about about a certain user or forum, please send me (@admin) an email. Any content seen on the chat box or forum that violates Community Guidelines considering abuse will be deleted on site, no warnings.
  3. III. Everyone would like a little respect, so please do not hassle any member on Adoxography nor put them down for their creations you think are not "well created." If any member is seen or reported not being respectful, they will be dealt with accordingly. While we have a General Chat board, not everything is welcome. Anything that can spark up debate will be moved to the staff board and locked with a PM sent to you telling you why. We all have our own opinions about real life debates on the news and in your communities, however, here at Adoxography we respect all beliefs and opinions and wish to avoid insulting anyone.
  4. IV. Anyone is allowed to join however abiding to the TOS rules, you must be 13 years or older to join. Once you have joined with your username in which you wish to be called by (meaning do not register with random numbers, letters, or something like "pornstar" because your account will be deleted immediately. We assume members who register like that are only wanting to spam or "troll"), you need to edit your profile. Please visit our Member Guide for information on editing your profile.
  5. V. All graphics posted or seen on Adoxography including Avatars, challenge entrees, and advertisements must be PG-13. If you are unsure if your graphic meets this requirement, it probably doesn't, however, you can PM a staff member to be sure. If an inappropriate graphic is posted or seen on Adoxography, it will be removed on sight and the poster warned.
  6. VI. Personal Messages are very handy on this forum, however, there are restrictions. PMing any member asking for a personal request, coding assistance, or advertising is absolutely not allowed. This is why we have a requesting board (see "Requesting"), a burnout board (see "Burnout"), and an advertisement board. Report all those who break this rule. Also note that all support for resources posted on Adoxography must be taken to the resources support thread and not via PM to the author unless they request it.
  7. VII. If you have any questions concerning our regulations, please make sure to read our FAQ before creating a thread in Consulting!
  1. I. Everything posted on the chatbox must be rated no higher than PG-13. Cursing to an extent is permitted however when cursing gets out of hand, you will be warned by a staff member. Linking to any inapropriate content will get you banned immediately without warning and lastly, harassing another member in any way is against Proboards TOS and you will be banned. This includes but is not limited to asking them constantly for codes/help/requests via PM, following them from forum to forum, and mentioning anywhere in your posts or your forums that you do not like said user.
  2. II. Do not spam the chatbox which includes but is not limited to posting more than five times in a row, separating one long post into ten short ones, posting constant GIFS (they aren't there to spam with), and frequently linking to abnoxious content.
  3. III. Discussions and debates are allowed on the chatbox, however, while you may not agree with other users, any put downs or name calling will earn you a temporary or permanant ban from Adoxography depending on the content in which was said.
  4. IV. Staff have the final say. Arguing with staff about Adoxography regulations or ways of punishment will earn you a temporary or permanant ban depending on the content in which was said for being disrespectful.
  5. V. Understand that here at Adoxography, we strive to protect resource authors and that will always come before pleasing resource users.
  6. VI. Lastly, the chatbox is for chatting, not coding assistance. While we can direct you to where you can find coding assistance on the forum, please do not ask for help in the chatbox, no matter how simple.
  1. I. When using our resources, we ask that you let the author know that you are using their work by posting on the support thread for that resource. When using a posting template from Adoxography, make sure to link to the exact (character application, or character account, or thread) thread(s) in which the template is being used (even if it is not accessible to guests). If you do not, we will only assume you are not abiding our rules or the rules of the author of the work you are using (after the third time of being told to link to the exact thread, you will receive a ban for one week). Due to this rule, we assume that if you are posting on a support thread voicing that you are using that work, we expect there to be a link to the work then and there, so make sure you are already using the work when posting so the author and staff can see it. It may result in a staff PM and/or a ban if we see the work being mistreated.
  2. II. No one likes it when a person has stolen their creations and has claimed them as their own and also it is undoubtedly frowned upon universally as well. Being so, if you are a member of Adoxography and are found to have stolen skins, templates, remodels, or graphics, you will be banned from using our resources without warning. Read more about our Skin Ripping rules and the actions in which we take regarding skin rippers.
  3. III. We know our members often post their content on multiple sites, however, when posting resources on Adoxography, we request that you add credit or a link back to Adoxography or your account on Adoxography out of courtesy to the site. While we understand you are members of other resource forums as well, it is rather rude to post a resource that hints or credits to another resource site when used. That being said- we hold the right to edit your resource to add credit to Adoxography if you do not so.
  4. IV. When posting a pre-made skin we ask that all of the main remodels within the pre-made are your own and not another's work. This includes but is not limited to the board remodel, mini profile remodel, information center remodel, and any sort of header or home page remodel. If a pre-made skin is posted on Adoxography that breaks this rule, the thread will be locked, download link removed, a warning added to your account, and you will be notified to change your pre-made within one week or it will be moved to a locked board only accessible by staff.
  1. I. Your subject must be relevant to your request.
  2. II. The form must be used and completed.
  3. III. Make yourself aware of our "Skin Ripping" rules!
  4. IV. You can not request a skin, remodel, or graphic that will be used as a pre-made. Pre-mades must be your own creation! You cannot take credit for another user's hard work.
  5. V. Graphics must be requested separately from Skins. Unless graphics will be provided and editing of them is not required of the request taker, all graphics desired for the Skin must be requested in Graphic Requests.
  6. VI. If you are requesting a skin for a forum that has not even been started, you will not receive help. Your site must have at least a full written plot, rules, applications, and an advertisement area set up before someone can start working on your request. Also, if the link you provide with your request leads to no where, you will not receive help. Why? Because no one wants to put in hours of work to create something for a site that may or may not take off let alone open.
  7. VII. Authors must keep you aware of the progress on your request; if it is taking a while, they need to let you know. If they have not posted or responded in a while and did not warn you that they were busy, please send a staff member a message. However, do not bother authors about filling a request. If there is no deadline set and they are appropriately keeping you updated every few days on the progress, you may not send them messages, ask in the chat box, or post on your request thread bothering them about how it's coming along or when it will be done. If found pestering an author, whether a staff member sees it or it is reported, you may face consequences. Even if presented as friendly, passive-aggressive, in question format, or you were "just wondering," it still qualifies.
  8. VIII. Just as an author must keep the client updated on the progress of the request, so must the client. If you make a request but abandon it for over ten days (meaning you have not replied to the person who is taking your request's questions and you do not have an hiatus thread posted) your request is forfeited and whatever content was created now belongs to the author and they may do what they want with it. Once a request is forfeited, it cannot be retrieved unless by generosity of the author.
  9. IX. To request a certain author to fill your request, tag their username. They are not obligated to comply and other author may still attempt. If an author is going to try your request, they will post to let you know. If they choose to discontinue your request, they will post to respectfully drop the request for another to try. Only one author should be attempting a work at a time, otherwise someone's work is not used and thus their time was wasted.
  10. X. Should you need to edit your form, post to let us know it has been updated. You may not edit your form after someone has agreed to attempt your request.
  11. XI. The deadline is optional and should be utilized by those with a pressing need for a work. Posting a deadline may deter some authors from filling your request. Your deadline must be at least one week distant. If the author fills your request to your satisfaction on or by your deadline, you must pay them 10 Petals or the work will be removed from your use (a staff member will post in your thread once the transaction is completed). If an author posts a work you plan on using but it is completed after your deadline, you do not need to pay them. The only time you have to pay for a request is if you set a deadline and it is met.
  12. XII. When an author sends you a finished request, you may NOT edit the design/colors/images/etc.! Requests are meant to be put up AS IS once sent out as a finished product. If you do not like something, tell the author, DO NOT plan to just edit it yourself later. It is considered rude and disrespectful.
  13. XIII. Artistic freedom is wonderful but only in moderation. While following strict specifics for a work can be aggravating, receiving no place to start or no idea of what the requester wants is worse. Don't be overly-picky but realize that "do whatever you want!" for every field is far from an author's favorite phrase.
  14. SKINS:
    1. [a href="SITEURL"]Site Name[/a]
    2. [b]Genre:[/b] Role play, Chat Forum, Gaming Discussion, etc.
    3. [b]Scheme:[/b] Dark, light? Browns and greens? Purples and yellows?
    4. [b]Mood:[/b] Light or dark?
    5. [b]Fonts:[/b] Take a look through the Google Fonts list and pick a few that match your desired aesthetic.
    6. [b]Graphics:[/b] ONLY if you have graphics already prepared for the Skin. If not, please request your desired graphics in the Graphics Requests with the proper form and link to that thread here.
    7. [b]Codes:[/b] Do you have any codes in mind? Describe them if you aren't sure what they are called!
    8. [b]Plugins:[/b] What plugins will you be using? Note that some codes do not agree with certain plugins so we have to know!
    9. [b]Boards:[/b] What look do you want for your skin's boards? Side by side? Stacked? Thin? Tall? Simple or complex? Hover images for board descriptions?
    10. [b]Threads/Convos:[/b] What look do you want for your skin's thread and conversation listings? Are you okay with the default or do you want some minor changes? Removing of those thread icons?
    11. [b]Default Avatars:[/b] What dimensions do you want your default avatars to be? 200x300 which is popular? 150x150 like the default or something different?
    12. [b]Mini Profiles:[/b] What do you want for your skin's Mini Profiles? Do you want a mouse over effect? What information do you want in them? Custom links to applications/profiles or maybe a MP3 player? Do you want them horizontal or vertical? On the left or right?
    13. [b]Profiles:[/b] Do you want a custom profile page? What do you want included and in what layout?
    14. [b]Info Center:[/b] Are you okay with Proboards default Info Center or do you want something different? Describe in detail!
    15. [b]Deadline:[/b] This is optional and must be at least one week from your posting date!
    16. [b]Other:[/b] Any other information?
    1. [a href="SITEURL"]Site Name where it will be used[/a] (please link to actual character profile, if applicable)
    2. [b]Type:[/b] Thread, plotter, application, thread tracker, etc.
    3. [b]Scheme:[/b] What kind of colors do you want it to have?
    4. [b]Fonts:[/b] Family, size, colors, etc.
    5. [b]Graphics:[/b] Have any graphics already picked out? If not, give us an idea of what you want(if any)
    6. [b]Layout:[/b] What do you want it to be designed like? Describe it! (can provide pictures/examples- but we will not recreate a template UNLESS it is a v4 conversion request)
    7. [b]Plugins:[/b] What plugins will you be using? Note that some codes do not agree with certain plugins so we have to know!
    8. [b]Deadline:[/b] This is optional and must be at least one week from your posting date!
    9. [b]Other:[/b] Any other information?
    1. [a href="SITEURL"]Site Name where it will be used[/a]
    2. [b]Type:[/b] Mini Profiles, Boards, Threads, Side Bar, Banner Hover, etc. Note you can only request a remodel! We will not write you a code from scratch! (Ex: Self Hosted Home Page or Plugin.)
    3. [b]Effect:[/b] Describe what this remodel does! Does it make information appear on Mini Profile avatars? A banner image? Or does it remodel the way the board lists are styled?
    4. [b]Design:[/b] You know what remodel you want, now you have to tell us what exactly you want your remodel to look like. The best and easier way for an author to fill your request is if you create a skeleton of what you want it to look like on Photoshop or GIMP and post it up.
    5. [b]Plugins:[/b] What plugins will you be using? Note that some codes do not agree with certain plugins so we have to know!
    6. [b]Deadline:[/b] This is optional and must be at least one week from your posting date!
    7. [b]Other:[/b] Anything else?
    1. [a href="SITEURL OR CHARACTERPROFILE"]Site Name if the graphic is for a site skin, Character Name if the graphic is for a character, Other if neither[/a]
    2. [b]Subject[/b]: If celebrity, name and profession. If animal, the animal type as specific as possible. If anything else, whatever describes it clearest.
    3. [b]Purpose[/b]: Is this a character reference? Site banner? Avatar? etc.
    4. [b]Size[/b]: The pixel dimensions you require.
    5. [b]Medium[/b]: If you want a specific art medium [photomanipulation, traditional art, lineart, etc.] you can clarify that here.
    6. [b]Appearance[/b]: If a celebrity, you can request modifications to their normal appearance here [like different eye color]. Otherwise, describe the appearance of the subject. For example, if this is a wolf, what is its fur color? Eye color? What is its gender? Does it have any markings--if so, size, shape, location, color? Details appreciated!
    7. [b]Color Scheme[/b]: What kind of color tones do you want? Black and white? Red? High contrast? Please indicate whether this is [i]required[/i] or only [i]optional[/i] for the author to incorporate.
    8. [b]Stock[/b]: This is optional. If you have stock photos you [i]require[/i] be used, provide them here but be aware that even with the requirement the author may not be able to due to perspective clashes, stock provider rules, or other conflicts. If you have stock photos that you [i]might[/i] like to be used, as in they are optional, you can list those as well.
    9. [b]References[/b]: This is optional. If you have any references ("a pose like this would be great," or "this is an old graphic done of my character that shows their appearance," or "an end result of something similar to this is what I'm looking for," etc.) then [i]please[/i] give them here, they are very helpful!
    10. [b]Background[/b]: If a background is going to be used, what would you like? A forest? Mountaintop? Meadow? etc.
    11. [b]Mood[/b]: What is the feel of this image? Dark and angry? Regal and king-like? Happy and innocent? Basically, what feeling and/or emotion you want portrayed through the image.
    12. [b]Text[/b]: If you want any text on the image, let us know what it should be. Watch for misspellings!
    13. [b]Deadline:[/b] This is optional and must be at least one week from your posting date!
    14. [b]Other:[/b] Anything extra.
  1. I. Maybe some of you haven't heard of the term "skin ripping" but the meaning should be obvious. Don't steal! What is considered skin ripping? Well, a numerous of things and all bad and all looked down upon. Re-posting a skin you edited, even if dramatically, and claiming it as your own is ripping. You might read in peoples Skin Rules to "not use this as a base," what they mean is exactly what I explained. Do not use it and then edit it and re-post it as your own.
  2. II. Do you see something in a skin that you like and want to know how the creator did it? Don't download their skin, look at it, then add it to your theme. PM the creator and ask politely. They will most likely give you the code, link you to where they found it, or show you how. Most skin ripping is done because people don't ask, they just take.
    1. a) If you are caught using a skin/code/template/etc. from Adoxography and have violated the authors rules for that work, you will be banned from Adoxography and will no longer be allowed to use our resources.
    2. b)If you are caught ripping a skin and posting it as your own for the first time you will be warned and your theme deleted and there will be a warning note in your profile for other staff to know. If you are caught a second time you will be banned without warning!
    3. c)If a member of Adoxography has stolen from you in the past or currently, PM an Administrator (not a Moderator) immediately! Provide proof with screen shots, links, etc.! Those who steal from Adoxography will be listed on our Tumblr.
    4. d)Has a work of yours been stolen by someone not a member of Adoxography? Well, we cannot do anything about it, unfortunately. You can however report them if you wish by sending Proboards Abuse a letter or email following this structure.
    1. a) If another site "inspires" you, that's great! But, our rules are such: We will NOT help you copy a look of another site. While you cannot copyright ideas by law, this is considered stealing and overly unsound within the community of Adoxography and many, many other resource sites. If you are found asking for help to copy another's work, it will be denied and you may possibly be banned. We will help you achieve something of the same effect but we will not help you mimic their work!
  1. I. Your subject must be relevant to your problem! (Ex: Board Alignment)
  2. II. This is only for coding help, meaning you are having a problem with acheiving something that can be fixed (wrong and right way to do it) and nothing that is a matter of opinion. If you need help with something opinion related on your forum, please post on Dear Abby.
  3. III. You must post when your issue has been resolved so that our members who are helping you know and so the thread can be moved to solved. If you do not state if your issue is resolved or not (Ex: I will try that and see what happens!) and the thread is left inactive for over ten days, your thread will be moved to solved and marked "Abandoned." To move your thread back so your issue can be resolved, give staff a PM.
  4. IV. Provide a link! If you do not provide a link to the forum you are having issues on, or it isn't guest accessible (private or in maintenance), your thread will be ignored. Lastly, when describing your problem, be as descriptive as you can and use screenshots if you can.
  1. I. Any posts that violate our regulations (forum rules or resources), please utilize the reporting option by clicking on and selecting "Report Post". For your reason, please use the following form:
    1. [b]Rule:[/b] Please indicate the specific rule you believe they are breaking (ex: Regulations #2)
    2. [b]Offense:[/b] How did they violate this rule? (ex: they linked to a 18+ forum)
  2. II. If you believe your work or someone else's work has been stolen by a member of Adoxography (if the user is not a member of Adoxography our hands our tied), please follow the following steps in order to report it and have the culprit dealt with accordingly.
    1. a) Collect as much evidence as possible. Links, screenshots (best evidence), username(s)/email(s)/IP(s). The more evidence you have, the more we can do for you or the author of the stolen work.
    2. b) Fill out the form below completely:
      1. [b]Link(s):[/b] Please provide the link(s) to the allegid thief's profile, where they have stolen the work(s), the original work(s) resource thread, and any other links that may be helpful.
      2. [b]Screenshot(s):[/b] Please provide any helpful screenshot(s) that may be helpful (in case the allegid thief takes down/hide the stolen work before we read this report.
      3. [b]Thief/Thieves:[/b] Please provide the username of the allegid thief on Adoxography, their username(s) used on other forums, their email, and/or IP address.
      4. [b]Other:[/b] Anything else you want to add (ex: "This user has been seen stealing other works in the past and harrassing members for codes").
    3. c) PM the completed form to all of our staff member's collectively: @admin, @alisha, @ebbymac, @shin, @aki, @bobbi. We are not always on all the time so PMing all of us ensures that one of us will see your report. One of us will review and reply to your report as soon as we can.
  1. I. Your forum must abide to Proboards TOS or your advertisement will be deleted.
  2. II. Once your advertisement has been accepted, it will be moved to the appropriate sub-board and locked which goes without saying we do not allow bumping of advertisements.
  3. III. If you do not have a guest friendly (no additional login or password required) section for us to link back our advertisement, your advertisement will be deleted.
  4. IV. We do not allow double posts, therefore any seen will be deleted on sight.
  5. V. All our advertisements will be cleared out every couple months to prevent unnessesary build up. Only after our advertisements have been cleared out will you be allowed to post your advertisement again.
    Well, I felt that Adoxography had grown out of control. I tried making it way too interactive than I had the time or energy for, being why things were behind. So, I figured a brand new location with an entirely new layout and set up with "simplicity" in mind would greatly benefit Adoxography. :)
    Nope. Do whatever you like!
    Of course! That is if your request hadn't been already completed! We also ask that even requests that were being worked on be moved over here so staff can moderate the progress, but it's not required.
    Sorry guys but that is one of the many reasons we moved over. We would love to keep Adoxography super interactive, but it just turns out you need a lot of extra time and effort to keep it that way!
    I'm afraid you do since there is no easier way to transfer the information. Just look at this as a chance to update all your things! ;)
    Nope, that rule has been eliminated since the move, however, if people start abusing the resources again (people were not replying to threads with links to where it was being used) a similar rule will be made again.
    The Writing Category has been taken out, however there is now a single Writing board where you can post your written works.
    Yes! Check out our Looking For board.
    No. We are strictly a Proboards Resource forum. All resources and requests for Jcink, IF, or any other forum host will be removed/denied.
    Yes! However, keep in mind that if the forum is not highly active, not many users will be wiling to take your request for free.
    Yes! The more specific in your request (visuals), the more likely someone will want to take it.
    .pbt files are NOT meant to be opened. You upload them onto your forum by going to Admin > Themes > Theme Manager and clicking "Create New/Import Theme." If you are not familiar with Proboards V5, we highly suggest you read our V5 Guide.
    Well, obviously the normal Advertise board and Affiliate thread. Other than that you can include your forum link into your profile, purchase the site advertisement when you see it available in our store, and lastly go to our Tumblr and submit a post to advertise your forum!
    Get as much proof as you can. If the culprit is a member of Adoxography follow the steps found in "Reporting".
    Send me, ▼ ɹıɐlq ʎʇıuıɹ⊥, or one of my admins or moderators a PM!
Tag your newly posted resources! NOT for advertising, requesting, or chatting.
Apr 17, 2019 15:09:16 GMT -8
Laura: Take Me With You - 2 Images. No Background. No Scroll.
Apr 14, 2019 19:07:31 GMT -8
Laura: Track Me If You Can - 3 Versions (With or w/o Backgrounds), 1 Image, Fixed, Custom Scroll
Apr 1, 2019 12:00:02 GMT -8
Weaselbug: C Y B E R G R A P E purple, no scroll, 500x200 image
Mar 29, 2019 13:17:23 GMT -8
Weaselbug: bad birds dark and light. scroll. simple.
Feb 18, 2019 12:28:38 GMT -8
Weaselbug: It's the Pits threading template. requires style tag. hover & scroll.
Feb 16, 2019 9:42:05 GMT -8
carmen: turn the volume up : simple playlist template. requires style tag.
Feb 7, 2019 17:55:40 GMT -8
{ breezes }: [ sept huit ] two ver. square img. b&w
Feb 6, 2019 16:51:17 GMT -8
{ breezes }: [ floating on clouds ] simple. wanted ad. square img. light.
Feb 6, 2019 16:50:26 GMT -8
{ breezes }: [ longing ] square img. simple. scroll. light. threader.
Jan 20, 2019 1:05:40 GMT -8
winnerchickendinner: I have created BBCode icons for 's Eloquence theme!
Jan 1, 2019 7:41:31 GMT -8
Laura: My Day Will Come - 200x300 Image, No Scroll, Simple, Coloured
Dec 31, 2018 7:22:23 GMT -8
Laura: I Fell Down To Earth - Threading Template, 2 Images, No Scroll, Simple
Dec 30, 2018 20:50:28 GMT -8
★ fai: mustang kids - thread tracker, scroll, hover
Oct 28, 2018 6:32:24 GMT -8
punki: Eloquence - Light, modern chic Proboards v5 skin
Aug 29, 2018 3:39:55 GMT -8
Laura: I'm A Mess - Threading Template - Fixed Image. No Scroll. Simple.
Aug 18, 2018 3:47:22 GMT -8
V: I think I like you - Light Thread Template
Aug 11, 2018 20:54:23 GMT -8
punki: Cityscapes / light v5 rpg skin
Aug 2, 2018 7:47:13 GMT -8
joy: familiar - app/profile, hover
Aug 2, 2018 0:10:22 GMT -8
V: Take me to the sky - Tabbed Multiplotter
Aug 1, 2018 23:51:29 GMT -8
V: I'm ready to let go - A light threading template. Scroll and No scroll version available